Wall Signage

Call us for your wall signage or any other kind of sign. (Neon, backlit, frontlit). Signage production and installation for one of our esteemed customer, Moses Adekoyejo Majekodunmi (MAMF), a non-governmental organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Signage / Advert

Dimmo stores (Coolers section) signage - before installation. Our signages (wall, neon, backlit, etc.) are well planned and perfectly constructed. Letters are fabricated to accurate measurements. From planning, design, production to installation, no detail is left unturned.

Billboard/Outdoor Ads

Just a few of our Outdoor Ad - Billboards for Semerc Schools and The Potters Craft. We've got billboard placements across Abeokuta, within Ogun State. Upon request, we can construct from scratch and erect your personal billboard at your choice...

Church East Window Staining & Decoration

East Window staining - All Souls Ang. Church, Abeokuta. Most Churches have this challenge.... the sun rays penetrating through the East Window with so much ray strength and heat affecting the comfort of the Clergys, Visual equipment and consequently, the...

Church East Window Staining

Another one of our Church East Window staining projects - St. Stephen Ang. Church, Abeokuta. At Daclick, we've mastered the art of staining, beautifying and decorating these East Windows making it opaque enough to block out the sun rays as...

We are ready and ever responsive to your call wherever our service is required. It is our value to deliver what we promise and to provide you with the highest quality and professional service with a touch of flexible innovative solution to your challenges. It would be our utmost pleasure to add you to our clients’ base.

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